Some people are teachable and some are not?

Studies show that 85% of success isn’t based on intelligence, special talents or luck. It’s based on attitude.

A positive attitude allows us to be teachable, trainable and to keep growing when faced with adversity.

A closed mind doesn’t open the doors to opportunity.

Having a negative scarcity mindset doesn’t create abundance, how can it?

We see it all the time with people allowing the egos to block them from learning and growing.

Ryan Leaf was drafted at the same time as Payton Manning. People actually believe Leaf was a better player. Well, Manning was teachable and Leaf wasn’t. Manning was open to learning, Leaf thought he knew it all. Manning becomes a legend, Leaf was one of the biggest busts in NFL history.

Next time you think, you know it all. Remember, the more we learn, we realize how much we still have to learn.