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Mike Diamond is a Television Personality, Director, Life Coach, and Interventionist. Known for his work on the hit TV shows NY Ink and Bondi Ink Tattoo Crew, which is currently nominated for a Logie Award for Best Reality Series. Read more …




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Life is an Inside Job

We all know someone - they go on a vacation and complain the whole time. If it's not the service, it's the people. If it's not the people, it's the food. If it's not the

Why Don’t I Have Willpower?

We all want to be successful, make money, achieve our goals, be disciplined and better people. But without willpower we have nothing. So why is it some people have more willpower than others you might

Hug a Tree

I remember as a kid whenever we saw someone still in a park or nature we would call them a tree hugger. A God old hippy. Living in NYC for over 10 years through some

How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

Life isn't a rehearsal. At any moment it can end, yet we waste so much time procrastinating. We reward ourselves with junk food the day we say we are going on a diet from tomorrow.

The Beast 2.0

Preparing for a half marathon. And the marathon is no joke when you are over 40. Running, lifting, biking, and martial arts is the regiment I use. I created a brutal workout of the day

The Flexible Mindset

In the book Mindset, Carol S Dweck talks about the difference between a growth mindset and fixed mindset. As Carol states in her book, beliefs we carry about ourselves (Dweck found in her research) has