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Mike Diamond is a Television Personality, Director, Life Coach, and Interventionist. Known for his work on the hit TV shows NY Ink and Bondi Ink Tattoo Crew, which is currently nominated for a Logie Award for Best Reality Series. Read more …




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To CrossFit or Not to CrossFit

I haven't had a chance to hit the gym lately. My newborn son, Orlando has been taking up much of my time. Yesterday, I had a chance to go to the gym and do a

Know When to Go

Like life, nothing lasts forever unfortunately it is just what we signed up for. While the body has an expiry date so to do relationships. People would always tell me life will change when you

When One Door Closes Another Door Open.

We spend so much time and energy trying to figure out what went wrong when people screw us over. Or when we lose a job, or an opportunity doesn't go as planned. Some people will

When It Burns You Learn

I was a great sprinter when I was a kid. I loved it and could run for hours and never get tired. Then, after years of playing competitive sports I was done with running and

Know Our Why

How can we expect to lead others when we don't know where we are going? Would we just take off in our car without directions to get to our destination? Do we just wake up

Time to Get Gritty

So, you have been told you’re special, you’re talented and you’re a genius. If you heard those words growing up, you probably thought you would sail through life and everything would just fall into place.