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Mike Diamond is a Television Personality, Director, Life Coach, and Interventionist. Known for his work on the hit TV shows NY Ink and Bondi Ink Tattoo Crew, which is currently nominated for a Logie Award for Best Reality Series. Read more …




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Breaking Bad Habits

Why is it that we will hold onto a bad habit yet don’t attempt to create a good one? We always have choices good or bad, every second of our existence. Do I choose to

Can I Lose 30 Pounds In 30 Days?

The internet is saturated with products, workouts, pills and gimmicks promising incredible results with little effort and in little to no time. From six minute abbs to ten minute Bow Flex workouts to super pills

Dad Life No Excuses – Be An Eagle

Eagles love a storm. When clouds gather, eagles get excited. They use the storm winds to lift them higher. Once it finds the heart of the storm, eagles use the raging storm to lift them

Does Your Past Define Your Future?

We all come from somewhere. We all experience different things. Those experiences good and bad affect the choices we make. The choices we make moment by moment, day by day… create our life story. So

Taking That Step

So many people are immobilized by fear. They are afraid they might fail, afraid of what people will think and then afraid that if they succeed they will be hated for their success. With all

Failure to Success vs Excuse to Success

When we learn that every failure isn't a failure but a lesson we must learn. A step we must take on our journey to be successful, we succeed. A simple shift in our mindset makes