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The Diamond Life

Mike Diamond is a Television Personality, Director, Life Coach, and Interventionist. Known for his work on the hit TV shows NY Ink and Bondi Ink Tattoo Crew, which is currently nominated for a Logie Award for Best Reality Series. Read more …




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They say there are three types of people in the world. People that learn by reading, people that learn by observing and people that pee on the fence and learn the hard way. We haven't

Emotional Intelligence

Being a Conscious OutLaw means being consciously intelligent. Like I have said before a Conscious OutLaw is self-aware. They cultivate self-awareness, which allows them to have the willpower to have self-discipline and practice emotional intelligence.

The Black Belt Mindset

Would you walk into a Brazilian jiu-jitsu class on your first day and challenge Black belt to fight? Unless you are a complete nutjob, probably not. It's taken years of practice to get a Black

The 4-Minute Mile Mentally

When people say something is impossible, is that really the case? We hear people all the time defying the odds and going to the extremes and pushing the boundaries. For years, experts said it was

Time to Get Gritty

So, you have been told you’re special, you’re talented and you’re a genius. If you heard those words growing up, you probably thought you would sail through life and everything would just fall into place.

Know Our Why

How can we expect to lead others when we don't know where we are going? Would we just take off in our car without directions to get to our destination? Do we just wake up