So many people are immobilized by fear.

They are afraid they might fail, afraid of what people will think and then afraid that if they succeed they will be hated for their success.

With all these non-stop fears, 90% of people never move out of their comfort zones and take a step.

The first step is the most important. If you don’t dive right in you will always be swayed one way then the next by people’s opinions.

Unfortunately, everyone has an opinion and most people give horrible advice with no real information.

You want to make a million dollars… hang out with millionaires.

You want to drink … hang out with drunks.

You want war… go to battle.

Don’t ask for peace and then surround yourself with war.

Don’t get angry you can’t stay sober or blame your friends and say they don’t help when you hang out in bars until 5 am.

Don’t get mad at people with money when you are broke because you choose to surround yourself with people who are broke.

Take that step, no matter what and choose your company wisely.

Talk is cheap.

If they are not doing it, they are not doing anything at all. Resumes are bullshit. Don’t hire someone whose shirt says UFC when the body says KFC.