Why do some people handle struggles and adversity better than others?

Is it conditioning? Does it come from our upbringing? Is it possible to learn to adapt to life’s difficulties?

They say there is training and being tough. We can train ourselves to deal with life’s struggles as long as we are willing to deal with a little pain and delayed gratification.

If you want to compete in an Ironman event or be a great parent you are going to struggle no matter how tough you are.

Why compare an Ironman event to being a parent?

The answer is simple, anyone can have a kid but to be a great parent you have to be prepared for a long journey.

We need to embrace the struggle because it’s not a sprint. Anyone can be great out of the blocks but being consistent over time and doing an ironman event, committing to the end, when all you want to do is quit, takes a mindset that requires adapting and knowing that strength comes from our struggles.

If we aren’t willing to struggle and learn from the pain, we are not going to live a happy life. It’s going to hurt no matter how we look at life.

But we can learn to enjoy the pain. Pain is temporary, we just have to reprogram our minds to enjoy the ride with all its bumps and grinds.

Don’t buy a boat then get upset if the water isn’t perfect every day. Some days, it may get rough and you may get a little sick. That’s the way life goes.

When things get tough, enjoy the struggle, knowing you are getting out of your comfort zone and growing with each experience.

If you are afraid to struggle you will be afraid to live. If you are afraid to live … you might as well be dead.