How do the people we hang out with, the places we hang out and the things we do affect us?

If we are trying to be successful in anything … people, places and things have a huge effect on how successful we will be in turning our dreams into reality.

Are the people we are surrounding ourselves with affecting us in a positive or a negative way?

Are they supportive of what we are trying to do? If not, no matter how difficult it might seem, get them out of
your life and replace them with people that are on your team or in your corner.

The places you go and the environment you live in has an effect on how you feel and how productive you will be.

As they say, if you hang out with drunks you will probably end up drinking?

What are you doing to be successful?

Are you taking the right steps? Setting the right goals? Being accountable?

Don’t blame the people you are hanging out with. The places you are going and the things you are doing.

Take responsibility for who you are, the company you keep and the things you do.

It’s your choice, it’s your life. Don’t waste time blaming your boss, your kids, your wife, your friends.

Set a goal, come up with a plan and actively choose the people in your team, the places you hang out and the things you do.