So many people give in before the magic happens.

I have always wondered why.

Why is it some people give up on their dreams knowing nothing comes with us in the end?

Win, lose or draw we come into the world naked and leave the world naked.

Isn’t it better to have tried and failed than to have not tried at all?

The train of life is always moving, you either get on the ride of your life or you sit at the station and watch it pass you by. The next time you feel like quitting on your dreams and not leaving your mark on the world, use these people to inspire you not to quit before the magic happens.

  1. Ray Kroc was over 50 years old before he bought his first McDonalds in 1961, he was barely making ends meet and went on to franchise the McDonalds name and make a fortune.
  2. Sam Walton owned a small chain of discount stores but didn’t open his first true Walmart until he was 44 and never looked back.
  3. Vera Wang was first known as an accomplished figure skater and fashion editor then when she decided to get married at the age of 40 she knew she wanted to be a designer. She commissioned her own wedding dress for $10,000 and then opened her first bridal boutique the following year.

There is no time, time is an illusion.

Have a dream, create a plan, create goals, achieve those goals no matter what.

When I told people as a young kid I would someday go to New York and shoot TV shows people laughed at me.

I didn’t understand why people couldn’t see what I could see.

It’s your vision and your life. Don’t quit no matter what.

We only regret the things we don’t do the things we do.