Working right beats finding the right work.

We are all looking for the perfect job and perfect situation, we all make excuses when we don’t feel like we don’t have the perfect career, parents or friends.

Nothing is ever going to be perfect and we are never going to be happy unless we change our mindsets and perception.

I love this story.

Three men are building a church. A man approaches the first man and says what are you doing? The man replies I’m laying bricks. It’s my job. I get paid to do my job.

Then the man approaches another man working on the job site and asked the man what he is doing? The man replies I’m laying bricks to build this church it’s my career.

The man then approaches another man working away on the same job site and asks him what he is doing, the third man replies I’m laying bricks for god, it’s my calling to build and give people a place to pray and worship a higher power.

Three men doing the same job but three different perceptions.

We can find purpose in anything we do if we shift our perceptions and are grateful.

We are never going to be happy if we only follow our passion. We need to find the passion for what we do day by day or we will always blame our bosses, wives, children and the world for why we aren’t happy.

There is no perfect job, life can show up at any time and take away what we have.

But if we live with gratitude, at the moment we will always find our calling in anything we do.