Would you walk into a Brazilian jiu-jitsu class on your first day and challenge Black belt to fight? Unless you are a complete nutjob, probably not.

It’s taken years of practice to get a Black belt in most martial arts.

Deep deliberate practice training under a master of someone who has trained in the discipline for years. Every black belt starts as a white belt.

We all have to start somewhere. Every journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

We have to start somewhere and commit to long days and nights of hard honest work to achieve success in these disciplines.

We have to set daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals to pass the gradings. We have to delay gratification and know the hard work will pay off in the end.

So, why is it people come out of college with no real work experience and expect to make over 150K a year?

Why is it kids come out of high school with zero skills and experience and expect to be the boss in one day?

I will tell you why.

Our minds have become polluted with social media. Famous influencers who post videos and photos for money with no work ethics or talent.

So we now think if they can do, so can I.

Hard work and ethics have been replaced with no work and instant gratification.

If we don’t start delaying gratification and cultivating a Black belt mindset, we will be easily replaced.

Nothing replaces hard work and years spent seasoning a craft.

No computer can replace Michael Phelps’s swimming or a Michael Jordan’s playing basketball.

The years of dedication and honest work will always outshine a quick fix in the end.

Don’t look for the easy way. Think like a Black belt. You’ll join a martial arts dojo or take up a hobby that requires you to place certain levels along the way.

It will change your mindset and might just change your life.

Like they say it takes discipline, dedication and desire to succeed. Not laziness, procrastination, instant gratification, and a magic pill.