I just finished this book, and it is truly transformative. The author writes this like he is in your living room talking to you on the couch. It is very readable and relatable. The stories he tells about some very notable people are inspiring, but what I found more inspirational was the author's personal stories. His ability and will to overcome so many obstacles, and still find a way to not only succeed but help others succeed is what everyone should work every day towards. I really like how the author moved between storytelling and detailed plans of execution and transferable action items for me to apply in my everyday life, it kept me engaged and excited to keep reading. I was never bored. The author was very direct and to the point, there wasn’t any fluff or filler. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested be a better version of themselves, actually the BEST version of themselves, that they can be. Mindset is the key to anything worth doing, and this book is the roadmap to that pursuit.