Growing up in small-town Perth, Western Australia, I was told to play it safe.

My dreams were insane, they said. I was always told I was delusional and that my dreams were insane because there was no way a kid from Perth could make it in America starting with nothing.

The play it safe and conform mentality was everywhere I looked. I just wasn’t programmed that way, I have always wanted more and I wanted to figure out how to get it.

I had never bought into the white picket fence dream. To me, it just didn’t make sense. Back then, I didn’t have the luxury of the internet to help me find like-minded people who would validate my dreams and encourage me.

I kept my dreams alive knowing that when I die, I would not regret that I had not tried and had done my very best.

I would rather swing for the fences and miss, than try for a safe base hit. Sure, I have missed a few hits and come up second but not from a lack of trying or believing.

You only fail if you don’t swing, you only regret if you don’t try. And you only fail, if you don’t get in the game.

Nothing comes with us in the end, we take nothing with us when we die. What will you be remembered for and what will you regret on your death bed?

The fact you had the guts to keep swinging and miss or will you regret not trying?

You swing enough you will eventually get a hit, so long as you put in the work.

You will get a hit if you learn your craft and keep adding to your skillset.

You will get a hit if you totally believe it’s your destiny and nothing else matters.

Swing for the fences because life is too short to sit on the bench.

Don’t be a would have, could have, should have a person.

Be the person that says been there and done that.

Be an ordinary person who does extraordinary things. Your only regret will be not doing it.

I stay in touch with my childhood friends and they all say… “You were right you went for it. We never tried and now it’s too late.”