S – Study
U – Understand
C – Create
C – Cultivate
E – Endure
S – Sustain
S – Shine

Step 1. Study

If you are not studying, you are not learning. If you can’t understand who you are, what you are doing, and why you are doing it you won’t succeed.

Success comes from within.

Step 2. Understand

Understanding ourselves is the first step to understanding the world and the people around us. Being compassionate and understanding we forgive ourselves and others.

Step 3. Create

We always need to create new opportunities for ourselves. Thinking outside of the box and keeping our flow going.

Step 4. Cultivate

Cultivating the right mindset helps us weather the storms of life. Life will show up no matter how much we prepare for it. As long as we know what we can and can’t control we will be ok.

Step 5. Endure

Enduring through the hard times shows us how many characters we have. Having the will to endure pain knowing it’s temporary and it will pass if we hang tough.

Step 6. Sustain

Life is about stamina and the ability to sustain and persist through the hard times. Anyone can start but the true test is who can finish.

Step 7. Shine:

If you apply all these simple principles, you will shine and be on your way to success.