We all get in the habit of wanting instant gratification. A quick fix to our problems.

We either push things aside and wait until the last moment or we keep procrastinating and fail.

If we do the work and pay the price of putting in the work, we will enjoy the play later.

On the other hand, if we play first, most of the time we pay for it later.

We know the saying no pain no gain.

Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

Learn to pay now, profit later than play all you want.

We only regret things we don’t do. Time passes whether we like it or not.

Think about what you are putting off right now by playing and getting distracted.

Think about the cost of not doing what needs to be done.

At the end of the day, we only lie to ourselves. No one cares, we have to.

Are we people-pleasing others and getting off the track?

Next time you put something off that you know you should do ask yourself this question: What will this cost me in the long run?

Learn to pay, profit and play.