People always feel that their success or failure is determined by other people.

Yes, sure other people can affect your success.

Good mentors can help you grow and show you what not to do. But bad influences can ruin you and take you off course.

Good teammates can lift you up when you are down. Bad teammates will always drop the ball on you.

Good relationships can put the wind in your sails. Bad relationships will knock the wind right out of you.

So, it seems pretty simple… do the right things, surround yourself with the right people and you should succeed, right?

Sadly, it’s just not that simple. Just because you read it somewhere should it mean you focus on it daily?

What you spend your time focusing on and doing will determine what action you take.

Focus on the negative and you get negative.

Focus on what you lost and you will never win.

Focus on the wrong people and you will be taken off track.

Spend your time daily focusing on your goals and what gets you closer to them.

Repetition is the key and you have to be relentless. If you pay attention and remain positive by always showing up, working no matter what and pushing through the pain, then things will fall into place.

The minute you focus on the negative then you will only reap the negative and it is a non-stop cycle.

Break the cycle now.