We all come from somewhere. We all experience different things. Those experiences good and bad affect the choices we make.

The choices we make moment by moment, day by day… create our life story.

So why is it some people can experience horrible things and rise above it all and shine and others who appear to have it easy, just can’t seem to get on with their lives?

Is it because until we are faced with adversity and know how to deal with loss and pressure we never find out what our true potential is?

It isn’t until someone is pushed to the point where they feel like quitting that we finally see what kind of heart they have.

It’s too easy to blame our parents, it’s too easy to blame the people who bullied us along the way and told us we made bad choices but is that the reality?

I strived to achieve because I was told I couldn’t reach my dreams. Every negative comment or roadblock pushed me to prove them wrong.

Being bullied made me stronger and it also made me workout so no one would bully me again.

My resilience was born out of my determination to follow my intuition and strive to be the best I could be.

When you have faced adversity, take your past experiences good and bad and never look back.

Yes. Your past is part of your story but it doesn’t have to define your future.

Your mindset and perception will define who you are and the future you will have. If you learn to dance in the rain and allow the storm to pass, your future will always be bright even though it might seem dark at times.