The day we think we know it all, we stop learning.

We have choices to make every second of every day.

We should learn to accept that everything we experience either good or bad is a way of learning.

Whenever we feel we know it all, we stop living because we stop learning. You don’t have to be smart to survive, you just have to learn to adapt.

If we become life-long students of life we will always find ways to adapt and survive.

The moment we close ourselves off to the world and operate out of sheer ego, we are done.

Happiness comes from within and we should fall in love with the journey not just the destination.

The times I have failed in life often coincided with when I stopped listening to the people around me.

When I stopped reading and gathering information, when I thought I had it all figured out and when ego took over… I was done.

The results will come in good time.

Be humble and constantly learn moment by moment and you will find happiness, joy and freedom in life.