Like life, nothing lasts forever unfortunately it is just what we signed up for.

While the body has an expiry date so to do relationships. People would always tell me life will change when you have a child, then you will know how much time you really have.

Unlike my father who was never around and beat the crap out of me when he was, I have taken a completely different approach.

We can never get back time but we can choose to do what is important with the time we have.

The 80-20 principle is a great method to apply to life… 20 percent of effort with 80 percent results.

Who are we surrounding ourselves with and why?

A couple of days ago I realized I need to cut off a friend because we are on completely different frequencies.

When it comes to family, we feel obligated to deal with their insanity and dysfunctional behavior. The truth is, we don’t.

I am giving you permission to move on. If people are bringing you down and not helping you achieve your purpose and spend most of their time hating on you and dumping their bullshit on you, move on.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who are my six closest friends and why?
  2. Who do I aspire to be and why?
  3. Do I blame others when things don’t go my way and if I do, why?
  4. What am I doing with my days?
  5. Do I spend my life in action or reaction mode?
  6. Do I play referee all day with my family and friends?

If your chosen six friends have no purpose and you are trying to find that purpose, then you might be in trouble.

Just like you can’t win a Super Bowl with a team going in different directions, if you don’t have anyone to inspire you then you need to read more and get out more.

You have to stop blaming others for your life.

Are you constantly in reaction mode, playing referee and wandering through the day with no goals, aim, purpose or mission?

Then it is time to wake up and smell the roses and know when to go.