How can we expect to lead others when we don’t know where we are going?

Would we just take off in our car without directions to get to our destination?

Do we just wake up every day and react to the world not knowing why?

Why are we doing what we are doing every day?

Why are we in the relationships we are in?

Why are we eating what we are eating?

Why are we thinking what we are thinking?

Do we have any direction in life? Have we ever asked ourselves why?

Why is a simple but powerful word, so maybe we need to spend more time asking ourselves that?

Life isn’t a rehearsal, we only get one shot at it but studies show that 70% of people feel disengaged at work and spend the majority of their time doing something that doesn’t bring them happiness or a sense of purpose.

We spend so much time working our lives away without feeling we have accomplished anything.

Do we ever ask why?

Start asking why and stop wasting precious moments.

Start making changes now before it’s too late.