We all want to feel good, young, positive and fearless.

And most of us dream of making millions, living lavish lifestyles and traveling the world in private jets.

No one dreams of being broke, homeless and depressed. So why is it some people seem to have it all and some have nothing and never seem to get by?

Do some people just inherit it?

Do some people work harder?

Are some people smarter?

Are some people more disciplined?

Are some people more motivated?

You can be given everything and lose it all because it came too easy. Or you can come from nothing, face all the pain and adversity and still rise to the top.

Motivation is a lie. You are never going to feel good or right. You just have to do and keep doing whatever it takes and things will eventually fall into place.

If one plan doesn’t work you can create another. You have to be willing to take responsibility, face adversity and know if you want freedom you are going to have to fight for it.

Don’t complain about your boss.


Open up your own business and become your own boss.

Keep failing until you succeed.

Find light in the darkest of days knowing there is a lesson in every experience, whether it is good or bad.

Let go of the lie that you are going to feel motivated. Don’t wait to get motivated. Just take action.

Take action and then you will be motivated.