Ever been in a situation where you know, no matter what people are saying to be true, they are wrong?

Ever walked down a street late at night then stopped and thought this is not a good idea?

Ever met someone, look them in the eyes and know they are completely full of shit even though they are telling you to trust them?

That’s your intuition, your sixth sense or what I like to say, is your gut feeling kicking in.

It is that voice inside your head that some people say is your higher power or infinite intelligence.

Whatever we like to call it, it doesn’t matter, all I know is, it knows more than I do.

When I have the courage to listen to it I succeed. When I don’t listen to it and I take advice from strangers, I fail or end up regretting the fact I didn’t follow what I felt deep in my soul.

We are taught to listen to others no matter what we feel.

For years my gut feeling told me things and I went against it and it only made me unhappy so I drank and consumed massive amounts of alcohol and drugs to feel better.

I don’t do that anymore.

Steve Jobs talked about following your intuition. In fact, all the great entrepreneurs of our time have claimed they rely on their gut feelings, in most instances.

The great Henry Ford knew intuitively that he could make a V8 engine even though everyone told him it was impossible.

Bill Gates left Harvard and followed his gut and look at what he created.

Follow your gut, listen to your calling deep down. The voice of the outside world doesn’t know you.

Only you know you. Be you. Not the person other people want you to be.