Ask yourself these questions:

Do I have purpose?
Do I have meaning?
Does what I do matter?
Am I being of service?
Am I living my true potential?

To find any kind of meaning in what we do and how we live we need to answer these questions.

We have to know where we have come from to know where we want to go. We have to constantly learn new skills then apply those skills to life or we become obsolete.

I have people coming to me all the time saying they are lost and unhappy. I ask them the questions above and they look at me like I’m crazy.

I had a friend recently tell me he doesn’t read because his wife does the reading.

His wife does the reading?

Then I looked at this life. He complains constantly, doesn’t want to find new clients despite the fact that his business is about finding new clients.

Yet, he tells me life isn’t fair.

If we can’t find meaning in what we do then there is no meaning.

I laugh when people say, “It’s just the way I was born or life isn’t fair.”

Bullshit. If you want to run a marathon … go out and run it.

If you want to get in shape … workout.

If you want to make money… get a job.

If you want to be happy … think happy thoughts.

If you want to be happy … find meaning and purpose in what you do.

It really is that simple.