When we learn that every failure isn’t a failure but a lesson we must learn.

A step we must take on our journey to be successful, we succeed.

A simple shift in our mindset makes all the difference.

Think about the times, we have beaten ourselves up when things don’t go as plan. But if we shift our focus to a solution driven mindset, the roadblock isn’t really a roadblock. Just another step on the journey to achieve our greatness.

On the other hand, if we just make excuses all day then success is impossible.

We will constantly blame the world and people for why things aren’t going to plan. When we hit the wall like all marathon runners do at some point in the race.

Take it moment by moment. Keep it simple. Stick to the tasks at hand. Failure is a mindset. Excuses are a mindset. We only fail if we choose to see it that way.