Being a Conscious OutLaw means being consciously intelligent. Like I have said before a Conscious OutLaw is self-aware. They cultivate self-awareness, which allows them to have the willpower to have self-discipline and practice emotional intelligence.

Having IQ is great, but having emotional intelligence is a whole different level. Schools give out IQ tests to show how book smart people are. But we all know that having book smarts doesn’t mean you have self-awareness or the ability to control your emotions.

Tiger woods had amazing golf IQ but zero emotional intelligence. If he had amazing EQ why would he risk his marriage and reputation to have so many affairs?

Bill Clinton has a great IQ but having an affair with Monica. Really?

The list goes on with all the sex scandals and people now coming from out of the shadows to expose people.

So what is Emotional Intelligence or EI or EQ?

It is self-awareness, emotional self-awareness knowing what one is feeling and why; being in control of one’s emotional impulse and being conscious of them.

Social Awareness, showing empathy to other people. Understanding, we all are different and not judging others for the choices they make and who they are.

Self Control, being conscious of our behavior and practicing restraint when we want to act out impulsively. Social skills, inspiring people with actions, not words.

Bosses delegate, leaders take action and influence people with it.

Learning to listen empathically and working with others in a win-win situation.

Conscious OutLaws practice the philosophies of the great Stoic leaders. Practicing emotional intelligence being conscious of what they think, how they feel and why they make the choices they make.

Happiness comes from being grateful. When we are grateful, when we are humble, we are happy. We know life is short and nothing lasts forever.

So, what are we really fighting over?