Everyone has ideas but what we choose to do with them makes all the difference.

Unfortunately, most people get stuck at the starting blocks but never take the first step to get into the race.

But why?

Is it because we are afraid to fail?

Is it because we think people will think are ideas are stupid?

All great inventions or creations had to have a starting place. That starting place is the idea.

The initial spark is vital, but how many people can take that spark and fuel it to create the fire?

When Henry Ford told his engineers to make a V8 engine, he was laughed at. No one had ever done it. But through passion, purpose and persistence he took that idea and changed the world we live in by creating the first V8 engine.

When people say something is impossible. Is it really impossible or is it because no one can see our vision?

When you have an idea, get it on paper. Ask yourself why you want to create what you are creating. If your purpose is honest then you are going in the right direction.

Have a plan. Any idea no matter how amazing is nothing without a plan.

Create a team. Bring in people who can help you bring your idea to fruition.

Have a timeline and be accountable for your idea. Set goals and timelines and go and do it.

Don’t wait for the opinions of others to motivate you.

Create, get excited and just do it.