Everyone looks to quit at the first sign of pain and adversity.

I remember running a 400m as a kid. It was pure hell. Back then with no training, it was all heart.

Sprint as hard and as fast as you can around the track and that was that.

We all hit the wall around the 300m mark and then it was up to the kid who had the most Heart who was able to push through the pain who won.

I remember some days just not wanting to be there and losing and other days when I found the magic to win.

It was always horrible yet some days I was prepared to accept the pain and push through.

Over the years, I have found that nothing has ever come easy. If you want it, you have to go for it and that’s that.

The days that push us to the limit and bring us to our knees are the days that show us who we really are and what we are made of.

I just finished watching a documentary on a guy who performed 50 iron man contests in 50 days.

Like WTF… one contest is hell but 50 is superhuman.

He was a normal guy with no special talents or gifts. Actually, he was a below-average runner who could barely finish a 5k run.

But, through hard work, grit and guts he became an Ironman Icon.

He always dug deep into the well and while he says he always wanted to quit he found a way to readjust his mindset and make it through.

When you feel like life is breaking you, that’s when you know the work begins.

According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, he said he only started counting the reps when it hurt, the others were nothing more than a warm-up.

Use those quiet times in life as a warning because we can’t avoid the storm. It will come whether we like it or not. Remember, just when you feel like breaking, hold on and more will be revealed.