Eagles love a storm. When clouds gather, eagles get excited. They use the storm winds to lift them higher. Once it finds the heart of the storm, eagles use the raging storm to lift them above the clouds. This gives the eagle the opportunity to glide and rest their wings.

In the meantime, all the other birds hide in branches and trees avoiding the storm.

Are you an eagle? Are some people born eagles? How can you train yourself to be an eagle? Will you face the storms of life to rise to greater heights, or will you hide from the storm and wait for it to pass?

Will you run into a burning building to save someone or when things get heated do you run out of the kitchen?

To be successful you are going to have to learn to be an eagle. To be a successful Dad you are going to have to learn to face the storm.

Life is full of storms and you are going to have to go through them.

Be an eagle. Face the storm and rise above it, don’t run from your problems or push them aside. Don’t block your feelings and hide what you feel. Be an eagle and get it done no matter what life throws at you.

The storm can’t last forever.