We all must accept the inevitability that we will be faced with problems in life. Not all problems are created the same, they have a gradient that includes: bad situations, unpleasant situations, unfortunate situations, and simply unfavorable situations.

No matter how large the issue at hand is, our reactions to our problems define us.

There are two types of people in the world. People focus on the problem (the negative) and people that focus on the solution (the positive).

It is a simple choice that we can make each and every day. Unlike animals, we always have a choice on how we can change the current situation. No matter how difficult, challenging, or how stressful, we can pick the best solution—and more importantly—the right outlook.

If we focus on the negative, then that’s all we will see. Whereas, if we focus on the positive, we will always find a solution to our problems—even if it’s not immediately right in front of us.

Our ability to solve a problem and adapt to our ever-changing world is always the key to our survival. If we don’t get out of our comfort zones, we will always be in trouble and we will never be able to create solutions to our problems.

Learning the way to do this correctly is important, and it takes practice. No one is born 100% positive out of the womb. After all, our first noise is to scream and cry! Some people never stop being babies!

All joking aside, it’s vital to your unbreakable mindset to learn how to shape a positive identity.

Are you the type of person who likes to blame the world when things don’t go your way? Or, do you look at the lessons learned, and experience gained by facing adversity and making mistakes?

We always have a choice to find a positive in a negative, a solution to a situation.