Why is it that we will hold onto a bad habit yet don’t attempt to create a good one? We always have choices good or bad, every second of our existence.

Do I choose to have a negative thought or a positive one? Eat something healthy or unhealthy? Surround myself with people I like or tolerate people I dislike? So how do we create good habits so we can live better healthy happier lives?

  1. Be aware of our choices. When people ask me how to lose weight, the first thing I ask them is what are your eating habits? Do people actually say I don’t know? You don’t know? You don’t know why you are eating what you are eating? You are not a child who is feeding by an unaware parent you are a grown-up. The same thing applies when people tell me they don’t know where their money goes each week. Well, is someone stealing from you? I don’t know they say. Really you don’t know? Be honest with yourself and be accountable and be aware.
  2. Be disciplined: It takes a minimum of 66 days for a discipline to become a habit, doesn’t quit before the magic begins. Trust the process and learn to delay gratification.
  3. Set small goals and stick to them. Don’t say I’m going to lose 100 pounds in three months. Say I am going to focus on getting into the habit of eating healthy every day and exercising. Get in the habit of walking in the right direction every day and you will get to where you want.
  4. Know what your weaknesses are: When I stopped drinking I got into the habit of being around sober people and not having alcohol around. I opened a bar when I was 90 days sober and never thought of drinking and have stayed clean and sober since 4/16/06. I made sure I changed my habits and never looked back.