Be committed, have the courage and be consistent and you will conquer chaos.

Be decisive, dedicated and have discipline and destroy the doubters.

We have all heard all those cool motivating sayings designed to inject us with positive energy and remove our negative thinking.

But do all those positive affirmations really work?

I have seen plenty of people who listen to positive things all day and still can’t seem to get out of their heads and get on with real life.

I know sometimes no matter what I listen to or read, or how hard I try, I just can’t seem to get out of a funk.

Why is that?

What I have found out about myself is that there are a few things that can affect my thoughts and my perceptions.

To get out of a negative thought process the first thing I do is look at what I am thinking and why.

I’m usually ungrateful about some situations when things don’t go my way or someone has let me down, or I don’t get enough sleep or eat properly, Papa Mike then becomes a dick.

Cultivating good habits leads to good behavior. Cultivate bad habits and you guessed it, the result is shitty, negative thoughts and behavior.

We have to catch ourselves when we feel disturbed and create space between what we think and how we want to act.

It’s not easy but the juice is worth the squeeze.

If we take a few breaths before we react and act out, it can make a huge difference in all our relationships at work, home and with friends.

Train yourself to take the higher road and be a Conscious Outlaw not a whiny victim.

Pause and practice some gratitude.

Be Bold, Brave and Break Free.

Be Committed, Consistent and Conquer Chaos.

Be Decisive, Dedicated and have Disciplined and you will destroy your doubters.