Don’t deal with the world the way you wish it was, learn to deal with the world the way it actually is.

We are always wanting the perfect situation and when things don’t go to plan we break.

Think of yourself as a palm tree. Have you ever watched footage of a hurricane? Everything in its path gets destroyed and uprooted. But palms bend and flow and when the storm passes, they are the only things left standing.

So, you had a plan and things didn’t go well.

Then change the plan. So many people fall apart or break at the first sign of adversity or struggle.

If you are not willing to bend you can never be successful at anything in life.

Whether it’s a job, marriage, or your children.

We have to realize things aren’t always going to go as we had hoped or planned.

Learn to bend, be flexible in thought and deed and go with the flow. Think about where you have failed and was it because you didn’t bend like a palm tree?

Learn from that experience. Ask yourself these questions when things aren’t going as well as you had planned:

  1. What can I do to weather the storm?
  2.  Who can I go to for advice?
  3. Why are things not going the way I would have liked?
  4. Who are the people around me?
  5. What is the environment I’m in?
  6. What are the best ideas I can’t implement to help me change my circumstances?

Once you have the answers to these questions… you can move forward in a constructive way and sort out what needs to be done.