It’s painful to admit when we are wrong. It’s painful to admit we have to change to grow.

Life is moving faster than ever these days. We have so many things going on it can be overwhelming.

When we hit a wall, we can either admit we have hit a wall and reassess our plan. Or we can keep pushing through ignoring the reality of the situation hoping it will change.

But we all know, change comes from within us, not from the other side.

Unfortunately, most of us only want to change when the pain gets bad enough to wake us up.

But even then that’s not always the case.

I have seen a lot of addicts hit what I thought was rock bottom and keep going until they died a lonely sad death with no one around.

It takes courage to admit we need help.

Do this simple exercise look at a car front on.

Then go to the left side and look at it and observe it.

Then go to the rear of the car, see what looks different.

Now go to the other side. Now go back to the front.

Same car four different perspectives.

When we hit the wall we have to look at things from different angles. When we disagree with someone, if we step back and look at things from the other person’s perspective, things usually change.

I’m not saying it’s easy, I have to work on it constantly.

But if we take a step and look at our problems like an inventor or scientists we know it’s not a problem. Just a step we are taking along the way to solve our problems.

You don’t have to be smart but our ability to adapt, to change, keeps us from not become obsolete.

Embrace change.

Get out of your comfort zone and become unstoppable.