It’s hard to accept life sometimes.

When things don’t go our way with a job, family or business we always tend to shift the blame on to others and circumstances.

We choose to look outside ourselves for the answer to the problem.

But what would happen if we focused our attention on ourselves?

If we took a look at the situation from another point of view and realized that sometimes what happens to us could have been avoided.

Or is there a better way to solve a problem than we first thought?

Rather than look at what has happened to us but what we could have done to avoid it?

Or what can we do to solve the problem?

Once we accept reality for what it is and accept the good or the bad, we free ourselves from resentments and anger.

Left to simmer inside ourselves these negative and self-harming thoughts can leave an impact on the rest of our lives.

A mind that is full of resentment or anger cannot find peace.

Learn the lesson and move on.

Edit out the bullshit and move forward in a positive way and know it’s just another chapter in your story.